Start with the basics

We make no assumptions and focus on the fundamental key concepts of topic in questions rather than specific applications or platforms.

We feel that once students understand and are comfortable with the concepts, their enthusiasm and ability to learn about specific platforms and technologies is vastly improved.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

We understand that regardless of age or experience, the classroom environment can often be intimidating. As a result, we genuinely make every effort to ensure students feel as comfortable as possible. We hope this encourages a more open discourse, ensuring attendees get the most out of each session.

Open to Everyone

The unique way our courses are structured means they are ideal for both those considering starting a career in IT, or first-level support/helpdesk employees keen to understand more about the underlying infrastructure in preparation for future second/third-level advanced roles.

We're happy to tailor courses in either direction, in order to ensure students get the most out of the experience.

Courses available in 2017


Introduction to Networking concepts.

This course provides students with a sound understanding of the fundamental technologies powering private and public infrastructure, and how they relate to each other.

Topics include DNS, DHCP, SMTP, Local & Wide Area Networks.

As part of this course students will build & configure their own core Windows infrastructure.

Duration: 2 days.


Introduction to Databases & SQL.

This course introduces students to the concept of relational databases and their use to power the vast majority of modern applications - from phone address books to enterprise ERP platforms, up to 'internet-scale' social media platforms.

Students will learn why databases are used, common database concepts, simple SQL queries along with a discussion about popular and database platforms.

Duration: 1 day.


Virtualisation Primer.

An introduction to virtualisation and container technologies for students looking to expand their knowledge.

Students will learn about the key concepts of virtualisation, a selection of the various technologies available, common platforms, and the benefits virtualisation can bring businesses and organisations of any size.

New for 2017, an introduction to container-based virtualisation technologies is included.

Duration: 1 day.


Specific or one-off requirement?

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