Development & Integration

As a cost-effective alternative to inflexible off-the-shelf solutions or expensive enterprise software, we can work with you designing systems and applications specifically to address your business needs; leveraging our Flex modules wherever possible to reduce development time and cost to you.

Whether your process is internal, customer-facing, or fully automated; we have experience in developing tailored business workflow and process management solutions.

Our custom solutions can be deployed as Software-as-a-Service/Cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

If you feel your needs are slightly smaller scale, such as one-off utilities to solve specific use-cases, or integration requirements, we are equally happy to have a chat.

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Whether its extra resource for a new project, temporary staff cover, or simply someone to bounce ideas off; with 18+ years of experience we are happy to provide local or remote support in the Poole, Bournemouth or Southampton areas.

Support for Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, DHCP and Linux technologies is available with varying rates to suit.

Whatever the requirement, we are passionate about the quality of service we provide.


Avoid information silos and support your staff in supporting your business.

We can offer completely bespoke training on a variety of topics - specialising in high-level concept-orientated training on systems, networks and application fundamentals.

Training can be performed in conjunction with our documentation services to provide you with the maximum benefit.

Read on for further information on our unique approach and available courses.


In conjunction with training, we feel passionately that documentation is critical in understanding key business or systems processes, empowering staff in their roles.

If you have the will, but not the time, we can create clear, concise documentation on your behalf, whether aimed at end-users or technical support personnel.

By investing in your system and processes documentation you can reap the the following business benefits:

  • More time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Reduced training for existing and new staff
  • Reduced time-to-deployment and increased user acceptance of new applications

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Anything else?

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