Fit the system to the process, not the other way round.

We fully understand that each business has its own internal culture, methods and processes, along with a need to deal with data from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats.

The concept of Flex was developed with these issues in mind - Flexibility - this is the ethos of our approach to business application development. Based around a set of key modules providing common functionallity and concepts, which combined and tailored with bespoke integration can fit your business' requirements 100%.

The Flex Concept

Why Flex?

Flex solutions are ideal for businesses looking to improve efficiencies via automation or process managment, without a huge investment in infrastructure or IT support knowledge. They can also be a cost-effective alternative to relatively heavyweight solutions such as sharepoint.

Each implementation is managed with a personal approach - from initial contact through to go-live and training, you will deal with the same people. If we have any doubts with regards to any aspect of an implentation we will discuss it with you openly, working together to solve problems before they have an impact.

Lightweight, Cross Platform

Predominately web-based, Flex applications can be used on any device.


Flex applications scale from simple one-off utilities to complete multi-user process management and workflow solutions, complete with integration to third-party systems.

If you have something in mind - large or small, don't hesitate to contact us, we love nothing better than building systems to make businesses and peoples lives easier.


Flex solutions are available either as a hosted 'cloud' configuration, or where business/system requirements demand, on-premises.

Flex Modules

Flex modules provide the 'periphery' functionallity around the core business processes running within Flex.

Rather than re-invent the wheel for each application we develop, we leverage these modules providing common-functionality in order to minimise development time.

We are happy to customise modules to meet specific requirements, or develop a fully bespoke Flex-based system incorporating as much or as little module functionality as required.

We are continuously developing new and existing modules in order to provide the maximum flexibility to our customers.


File asset management, versioning, conversion, format-aware previews and players.

Task Processing

Distribute intensive jobs to multiple machines for faster processing.


Automate generation of documents in a variety of formats using data internal or external to Flex.


Monitor local and remote locations for files and process them accordingly.


Monitor mailboxes for incoming messages and act on the data or attachments accordingly.


Mangement of Products, Attributes, Types, Categories, Assets.

3rd Party Integration Modules


Integrate direct with your Shopify store(s) to further streamline your business.

We like to keep things simple.

No endless meetings, no sales-speak, just working together to design your solution and get it up & running.

Step 1.
Sketch out your ideas & requirements then send them over

(A formal requirements document works just fine for us too)

Step 2.
Talk & Brainstorm

We'll have a chat and discuss requirements and the potential solution in more detail.

(of course we're happy to jump straight to this step too - whatever works for you)

Step 3.

We get working on the solution.
Our modular approach means we can get things built fast.

Step 4.
User Acceptance Testing

We'll hand the application over to you for testing and acceptance.

Step 5.

Once you push the button, you can be up and running within 48hrs.